Different Roads (Border 4tet)

"Release date: February 2020"

Different Roads "Tracks"

01. Holland vs Corea (Bianchi) 5’18’’
02. Sweet Billie (Moccia) 5’55’’
03. Dany Celere (ma non troppo) (Borzacchiello) 3’58’’
04. Baluba (Bianchi) 3’52’’
05. Unleaded (Dall’Ora) 5’40’’
06. My Guiding Star (Dall’Ora) 7’10’’
07. Ivan.Singapore.Phone (Borzacchiello) 4’34’’
08. Strade Diverse (Moccia) 5’00’’
09. Palo..? Quale Palo? (Dall’Ora) 7’12’’
10. Viaggio in Treno Viaggio Sereno (Moccia) 6’33’’

Year: 2020

Border 4tet

Danilo Moccia (trombone)
Marco Bianchi (vibes and marimba)
Stefano Dall’Ora (double bass)
Silvano Borzacchiello (drums and percussi)

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All tracks arranged by Border 4tet.
All tracks published by PBR Record.

Recorded in august 2019 by Carlo Cantini at “Digitubestudio” in Mantova (Italy).
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Dall’Ora using Acustica Audio and
SoundDrops software.

Photos: by Mauro Grandi.Graphic and Cover: by Marco Bianchi, Stefano Dall’Ora and Alpinawebdesign.
Produced by: PBR Record.

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Border 4tet would like to thank “Nerolidio Music Factory” (www.nerolidio.it). Silvano Borzacchiello thanks Giuditta Hechenbichler.

Marco Bianchi plays Vic Firth Mallets.