Thoughts in the fridge (Won 3)

"Release date: August 2020"

Recorded and mixed on July 17 and 18, 2019 at Artesuono Recording Studio – Cavalicco (UD) Italy
Sound engineer Stefano Amerio
Photo Luca Lo Bianco
Graphics Domenico Argento
Produced by Fitzcarraldo Records – Palermo, Italy
Copyright © 2020 by Won 3 all rights reserved
This cd was made with the contribution of DECS, Dipartimento dell’educazione, della cultura e dello sport. Repubblica e Canton Ticino.

Thoughts in the fridge "Tracks"

01. Thoughts in the fridge (L. Lo Bianco) 4.24
02. Are you all the things? (D. Carnovale) 4.18
03. Inganni e ritardi (L. Lo Bianco) 5.37
04. Kintsugi (L. Lo Bianco) 4.26
05. Notturno (D. Carnovale) 3.54
06. Interpolation (D. Carnovale) 5.11
07. Dani celere (ma non troppo) (S. Borzacchiello) 3.35
08. Dolomiti alto samba (S. Borzacchiello) 3.39

Year: 2020

Won 3

Dario Carnovale (piano & rhodes)
Luca Lo Bianco (elec./acoustic bass)
Silvano Borzacchiello (drums)

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Won 3 is a trio born in Switzerland from an idea of bassist Luca Lo Bianco and drummer Silvano Borzacchiello to which is added later the pianist Dario Carnovale.

A shared project in which the musical and human experiences of the three musicians converge.

The name Won comes from a Korean word that expresses a concept that can not be translated with just a word into other languages.

The meaning is the reluctance on a person’s part to let go of an illusion.

A concept deeply linked to the music proposed by the trio that, through original compositions, focuses on the constant search for an overall sound in which dance, lyricism and taste for unpredictability can coexist. A music that, although linked to the jazz idiom, speaks many languages and goes beyond genre boundaries.

“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist but you have ceased to live” (Mark Twain).